8-Bit Listing Competition

04 Dec 2016

Here is your chance to get published!

We here at the vintage computer club are after some game listings to publish in our newsletter, and if we get enough a special publication.

Though we would like to open it up to all 8-bit machines, we have to be practical, so the machines we are going to support are:

Commodore 64
Atari 8-bit (800, XL, XE etc.)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Acorn BBC Micro

Note: I have due to a lot of requests open the rules up to allow some machine code too.

The rules:
The listing must be your own work.
The listing must be mainly BASIC (though calls to OS routines and small machine code subroutines are allowed). As a rule of thumb I would say at least 80% BASIC.
It must run on the built in BASIC with no expansions or extensions.
You agree that the Vintage Computer Club have the right to publish these works.
Closing date is February 28th 2017
Submissions must be in two forms:
Electronic Format suitable for loading into mainstream emulators. E.g. disk image or tap file.
Printable text.

For the printable text special highlighting or notes may be required for special characters. If you are having trouble then please get in contact.

We have a selection of great Retro prizes up for grabs, top prize will be for the best overall game as judged by our panel. Additional prizes for the best on each platform, followed smaller prizes for any others that are published.

To enter please email in order to let us know who is taking part. Please ensure you let us know at least 4 weeks before the closing date of the competition.