Atari 8-bit Autorun

01 Apr 2015

Atari 8-bit Autorun

When using BASIC files in an emulator it becomes a big pain if you have to try to type things in like:

Especially if the emulator is running on a device that doesn't have a keyboard.

I had this exact situation with a BASIC game I developed for a 10-Liners competition. I wanted to play test it on an emulator running on my GP2X handheld.

Atari DOS 2.5 has something called AUTORUN.SYS which is a machine language file that is executed after DOS has booted itself.

Luckily The master version of DOS 2.5 has a binary program on it called SETUP.COM.

Club members can download the Master DOS 2.5 ATR file here:
Dos 2.5m.atr

Atari DOS 2.5
Press 'L' to Load a Binary

Atari DOS 2.5
Type "SETUP.COM" and press RETURN

Atari DOS 2.5
Use menu item '1' to Change drive number

Atari DOS 2.5
I'm using 2 (assuming the disk you want to edit is in drive 2)

Atari DOS 2.5
Select menu item '2' as Auto load a BASIC program is what I want to do.

Atari DOS 2.5
Enter the name of the BASIC program.

Then it should save the AUTORUN.SYS file to the disk.

Remember when booting from the disk to have BASIC enabled.