Debug Assembler

15 Jan 2013

Debug Assembler

One of the often overlooked useful utilities for DOS was debug. After discovering that it could actually be used to assemble I set about writing an assembler in Quick Basic to allow me to use labels in my source files.

I then took this on a stage and developed a source editor this time using VBDOS.

After the subject was brought up on twitter it reminded me that I had written it, but at the time I couldn't find a copy and the PC that I developed it on had long since expired.

Then while looking for something else I found a CD with some old development code marked up as "archive". I popped it into my CD drive and there it was.

So I have zipped it up and I am placing here for download initially, I will come back to this article and update it when I have done some more work with it and reminded myself how it all works!

If you do wish to try it out the source files are quite strict, please look at one of the examples, namely the number of characters in the 'label' column seem to be important. I think the editor would have helped enforce this but the editor didn't work under Windows XP's command window. However the assembler did.

Once you have unpacked it, to test simple run the following:

This assembles the dosver.s file.