How to Write ZX Spectrum Games

03 Feb 2015

We have teamed up with Jonathan Cauldwell to publish his book in App form for Android Tablets.


Jonathan began writing games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in the 1980's. The most famous of which were probably Egghead and Egghead to the Rescue, which appeared on Crash powertapes in 1990.

Jonathan hits the ground running taking you through his processes for developing games in Z80 machine code. Some initial exposure to Z80 assembly programming is recommended and there is plenty of material already available on-line to help you get started.

Real type-in listings are presented in this App allowing you to follow the game making process with Jonathan.

Includes advice on tools, development tips, and takes you right through to final publishing onto tape.

Published with full authority and permission from Jonathan Cauldwell.

Book Reader Features:
* Bookmarks
* Chapter selection
* Type-in Listing Viewer

Listing Viewer features:
* Text Sizing
* Screen Lock (Keeps screen on so you can type the listing in without touching the tablet)

Get it from the Google Play store:
How to Write ZX Spectrum Games on Google Play