Vintage Computer Club - Programming

The most interesting and fulfilling activity for myself is programming these machines, as often or not you can still get some practical use out of your machine or even write a retro style game or two!

For example I was having a problem with one of my joysticks so I wrote a joystick test program on my VIC-20 so that I could then test out to see what had failed and also to verify that I had repaired it correctly.

10 POKE 37139,0
20 POKE 37154,127
30 J1=PEEK(37137)
40 J2=PEEK(37152)
50 POKE 37154,255
60 DN=0: UP=0: LT=0: RT=0: FIRE=0
70 IF J1 AND 8 THEN DN=1
80 IF J1 AND 16 THEN LT=1
90 IF J1 AND 4 THEN UP=1
100 IF J1 AND 32 THEN FIRE=1
110 IF J2 AND 128 THEN RT=1
130 GOTO 10

Fancy doing some 8088/8086 Assembly?
DOS Assembler

How about writing games for the ZX-Spectrum?
We have teamed up with Jonathan Caldwell to publish his book in App form .

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