Vintage Computer Club - Wattisfield Meeting Show Report

17 Jul 2010

Me and My Daughter Lucy with Kevin Toms
The event went well, and I had a good talk with Kevin Toms, who is not only interesting but also an extremely polite and affable gentlemen.
Meeting Shot 1 Meeting Shot 2
Meeting Shot 3 Meeting Shot 4

Brief highlights:
Peter Onion brought his Elliott 803 emulator.
Gaming competition became a senior versus youth grudge match see below for the results.
No endurance failures of any of the systems, and the Dragon even survived having its cartridges removed with its power on, and yes I was cringing when I saw someone doing it.
I got some new toys, one of which was a new Cambridge Z88 from Rakewell Limited .

Gaming Competition
Youth versus - the Seniors. Representing the youth was Gregory and Kieran, and representing the seniors was Jason and Steve. To decide who would go head to head Invaders and Chuckie Egg were played by all four competitors on a BBC Master.
2 player shot 1 2 player shot 2
2 player shot 3 2 player shot 4

Scores and ranking below:
Invaders 1st Steve 9170
Invaders 2nd Jason 7690
Invaders 3rd Kieran 7660
Invaders 4th Gregory 5220
Chuckie Egg 1st Steve 10780
Chuckie Egg 2nd Jason 6580
Chuckie Egg 3rd Gregory 6300
Chuckie Egg 4th Kieran 5010

So the seniors dominated the first 2 games leaving them to fight it out between themselves in a head to head game of Star Battle which was won by Steve.
2 player shot 5 2 player winner

Thanks to, and in no particular order:
Chris Carter
Kieran Mace
Venitia Matthews
The Wattisfield Community Center and it's volunteers.
Kevin Toms
Gregory Allen (and his Dad)
Jason Fitzpatrick from the Centre for Computing History .
Peter Onion