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1st Apr 2015
Article about to how to autorun a BASIC program on an Atari 8-bit: Atari 8-bit Autorun

7th Feb 2015
Our first exhibit of our new Arcade Cabinet, giving you the full upright cabinet experience without the space requirement. Further news here ...

3rd Feb 2015
We have teamed up with Jonathan Caldwell to publish his book in App form for Android Tablets.

3rd Jan 2015
Article for the Retrochallenge 2015/01

30 Dec 2014
Announce: We will be at the Retrocollect Video Game Market 2 on February the 7th
Retro Video Game Market
Retro Video Game Market

15 Jan 2013
New article including Download "DOS 8088/8086 Debug Assembler".

30 Aug 2012
New article by Nick Ward "Core Blimey ".

21 Aug 2012
New article "ACORN BBC EPROM Checksumming ".

03 May 2011
New article "Camping VCC Style ", written on an Amstrad NC100 while camping, and converted via my homebrew protext converter.

30 Aug 2010
Members only "tinkering evening " arranged for Friday evening on the 17th September, start time around 17:30.

19 Jul 2010
Website now open to accepting membership applications, why not Join the club?

18 Jul 2010
I was pleased with the show and it is a good start for the club.

16 Jul 2010
Last minute preparations, for the big day tomorrow, hope to see you all there!

30 Jun 2010
Kevin Toms has confirmed he is attending the event, your chance to meet an icon of the era, and creator of the football manager game genre.

28 Jun 2010
Rakewell Limited have confirmed that they are attending. Suppliers of new and used Cambridge Z88 portable computers.

21 Jun 2010
Report from the Bletchley Park Vintage Computer Festival 2010

31 May 2010
Added Meeting page .

20 May 2010
First Meeting at the Wattisifield Community Centre in Suffolk on July the 17th.

17 May 2010
Now on twitter !
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